Ratatouille ★★★★★

I know I’m supposed to hate humans, but there’s something about them. They don’t just survive. They discover, they create.”

The definition of a passion project. A big step in the visionary ambition that Pixar has always boldly embraced. The champ at blending humor with heart in a way that is so easily felt by its audiences. Pop culture loves Ratatouille and for very good reason. It’s virtually impossible to hate something with so much heart embedded in every single frame.

To continue in my trend of incorporating personal stories into my reviews during this Pixar marathon I’m currently on, Ratatouille is a film that helped me a lot before I was in proper, longterm recovery for my eating disorder. Whenever I was having really difficult weeks, unable to get myself to eat, I’d throw this on. The way this film portrays and discusses food is so reassuring, so comforting, so encouraging, so exciting. There’s many other films, especially animated films, that have helped make food look more beautiful but Ratatouille is top tier in how effectively it has made me not only willing, but eager, to eat. 

Final Thoughts: I don’t care what anyone else says, Ratatouille invented the Chaotic Scene, Freeze-Framed on Guy Who Is DiFfErEnT, With Monologue Over It That Begins With “Yup, that’s me…” Trope!!! 

One can get too familiar with vegetables, ya know!” (…… besties is this a reference to people turning vegetables into dildos….)

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