Malignant ★★

… I am on my knees begging writers and directors to stop using female body trauma (rape/miscarriages/abuse) as brief plot devices or virtually the only exposition surrounding female characters’ backstories, its mentions featured for maybe ten minutes of screen time, only to then miraculously be completely forgotten or never properly and healthily addressed. Please. I am so tired. 

Malignant is what I’d call a big ole razzle dazzle of nonsense. It has the visuals of a multi-million dollar funded project, paired with the acting/writing/plot of a B-movie. I tried to relish in the camp of it all, especially because, if anything, Malignant is James Wan’s return to Saw on many levels, but I just couldn’t!! 

The female characters are abysmally written and defined and that is genuinely one of the greatest downfalls of the whole thing. Everything going on just gets progressively more and more ridiculous. It’s fun in so many different ways, particularly with its body horror elements, but the faults I personally find are too great to allow me to look past them. 

A perfect one to watch with a big group of friends where you all take a shot for every time something insane happens and you can all openly lose your minds over the absurdity of it all.

Sydney, that’s insane.” 
I agree, mediocre “hot” cop, I agree.

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