Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★

Listening to Gary Jules’ “Mad World” in its original setting just hits different, ya know? The soundtrack in general is next level in this and I was absolutely not prepared for that.

Jena Malone’s performance in Donnie Darko is just wonderful. It’s really rare for me to pay much attention to anyone else if Jake Gyllenhaal is on screen but Malone is just as eye catching as he is here. 

Donnie Darko has spent a very long time on my watchlist and I’m so stoked to have finally caught this one. All in all, just an exceptional watch. 

I would like it noted that I bought this on dvd from the local thrift store and realized I had bought this on dvd from the local thrift store two weeks ago and forgot about it..... so if anyone wants a copy of Donnie Darko (or Kill Bill Vol. 2, yes I bought two dvds today that I just bought two weeks ago, move on) on dvd, let me know..,,.,,.

30/31 of my October 2020 Halloween Watches :)

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