Sick ★★★½

Ahhh… The Covid Lockdown, what a perfect time to present a slasher film. 
I really like how self aware this film is with all that Covid paranoia. And one reason why it’s slick to add this to the lockdown period is that no one is around to save you, all the outsiders are safe and locked away.
The film centers around a stalker who texts you, and when you get that text, he lets you know you’re in his sights. 
Cell phone’s are obviously a distraction, and I love how they are used here to show, a way to get in, and their usage can literally make you blind around the corners of each hallway, let alone what is going on behind you.  Like I said, It’s a self aware film that centers around our world of today social media addiction, covid concerns, texting back reliance, and how naturally some of us young adults today are so emotionally distanced…
When the intensity starts this film is very fun, the right amount of energy brought to the kills with not too much gore, and I really like the young stars Parker, and Miri. And Parker is great cuz she’s pretty, and more importantly goes the extra distance needed when taking out the baddie, which so few horror films have lacked over history and time.
One thing I didn’t like is the night scenes outside were just too dark to see what is actually happening sometimes and that can be a nuisance. Their is always ways to use filters to bring out the lighting a bit better, not a deal breaker though. As slasher fans will like this one, and it has a nice twist to it as well.

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