Logan ★★★★

Alright, alright alright. Everyone knows it’s cool. Some thoughts though.

I don’t watch superhero movies because they are not like this.

X-Men always seemed to be doing the best job in the genre, Nolan excluded, but this just ruined all of those other films for me now. I won’t be able to watch them and not wonder why they aren’t swearing. It’ll be a big lie. I know they like to say ‘fuck’ now.

Logan’s Runt.

I’ve never seen a movie where a little girl takes a harpoon through the chest. I’m glad I have.

How in the hell did Stephen Merchant get in this? I like Stephen Merchant btw, good for him.

Spawn was my favorite comic book character growing up and this film comes the closest to depicting the sort of violence I like in my superhero movies. Spawn ain’t tying motherfuckers up to be picked up by the police later. They’re getting dismembered. It’s time for another Spawn attempt.

That part where the limo was dragging all the barbed wire and wiping out shit was totally disco. And then that train maneuver….clappity clap.

I much prefer watching the little girl tear people apart than I do Logan. She has knives in her feet like Rosa Klebb.

I couldn’t help but think of The Girl with All the Gifts the entire time. If you haven’t seen that yet, please do. It is also about a little girl who is good at tearing people apart.

It's odd to think that Hugh Jackman was born to play Logan but is also talented at song and dance. How's that for range?

Think about how fun this was and then think about Suicide Squad. Bangarang Marvel!

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