• Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship


    En Corto/In Summary

    I realized why I had forgotten about it. The first scene gives some interesting gore, reminiscent of the more creative 80's. From here on few of the events are striking. The use of CGI to insert characters into virtual scenarios today looks reminiscent of newsreels and sports broadcasts: curious but unrealistic.

    Gabriel Bryne is to me like lemon juice in a taco: there's nothing that doesn't get better. Juliana Margullies is one of the actors who gave…

  • All Light, Everywhere

    All Light, Everywhere


    En Corto/In Summary

    Points that this documentary makes in a chilling way:

    -There is no such thing as an objective record of the facts.
    -Every visual/audiovisual record, by its very nature, has a framing and delimitation of reality, which carries a subjective bias, whether we are aware of it or not.
    -The use and interpretation of a supposedly neutral register continues to be fertile ground for manipulation by interest groups.
    -Every day we accept more observation and less privacy, happily…

  • Beautiful Losers

    Beautiful Losers


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    En Corto/In Summary

    -¿Y cómo te han contratado tres veces para llevar esto por la carretera, si no sabes manejar?
    -Siempre me ponen a un vato, y los vatos siempre quieren ser los que manejan

    Realmente han sido semanas demasiado estresantes, cuando tengo acceso completo a la plataforma online del Festival de Cine de Guanajuato, y sólo pude ver dos películas.

    Este es un road movie entre dos personajes que no son particularmente agradables el uno con el otro, y…

  • Love of My Loves

    Love of My Loves


    En Corto/In Summary

    El México de Manolo Caro es un México de gente blanca, exitosa y atractiva, donde la mexicanidad es un condimento en medio de entornos aspiracionales a estilos de vida estadounidenses y europeos.

    Como tal, son protagonistas cuyo principal problema es si son bien o malqueridos, y vivir un asalto, más que fuente de trauma, se convierte en posibilidad erótica cuando te despojan de tu ropa.

    Con todo, se le dan los personajes chuscos y los monólogos coloridos…

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    En Corto/In Summary

    Some of the MCU films particularly appeal to me because they thoroughly explore a sector of that universe that, at least on the first go-round, feels very different: Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, and now Shang Chi.

    In martial arts cinema, action IS the discourse, and in that sense I was very pleased. There's swiftness, excitement, and ingenuity in the sequences, while still maintaining the hyper-fantastic overkill of the superhero genre.

    The addition of Ben Kingsley…

  • Duelo en las montañas

    Duelo en las montañas


    En Corto/In Summary

    -Encuadres y fotografía bellísimos a cargo de Emilio Fernández y Gabriel Figueroa.
    -Un México en la revolución de 1910, donde un tren que no se aborda es la diferencia entre sobrevivir un día más, o ser capturado y morir.
    -El voiceover del sentimiento/presentimiento de Esperanza (Rita Macedo), parece de novela de Emilio Zolá, donde ella ve un destino distinto a su tranquilo futuro.
    -Los encuentros de Julio (Fernando Fernández) con los pueblerinos son chuscos, donde se ven…

  • Ghosts of Sugar Land

    Ghosts of Sugar Land


    En Corto/In Summary

    I was interested to see something from who is currently filming the Blade reboot. For me the documentary highlighted:
    -How a minority can see you as a minority, envying and admiring you at the same time, but rarely knowing you as a person, not as a member of an ethnicity.
    -No matter how conservative your culture is, as a teenager you will do whatever foolish things your environment allows you to do.
    -The otherness we attribute to…

  • Dark Forces

    Dark Forces


    En Corto/In Summary

    -La apuesta va mucho por el agrado visual: dos protagonistas talentosos, muy atractivos, con escenas de sexo de elevada temperatura; diseño de producción que trata de generar elementos interesantes con el presupuesto disponible; muchos actores casteados más por su particular apariencia, que habilidad actoral, como David Lynch y los Farrelly.
    -En el afán de generar un neo-noir surrealista, la trama se siente floja y se trata más de disfrutar los tableaux y momentos de rareza, así como…

  • His House

    His House


    The real terror lies beneath the surface

    I was much more frightened by the flashbacks to the scenes of genocide, the desperation of the escape, and the regrettable decisions.

    And yes, our ghosts are beneath the skin, behind the walls, barely covered with a thin layer, ready to make noise and remind us of what we most want to forget.

    All this I relate to Candyman and other genre proposals, where horror becomes a vehicle for social warning. It has…

  • Vampires vs. the Bronx

    Vampires vs. the Bronx


    An innocuous adventure / Una aventura inocua

    In my humble opinion, whenever you decide to make a movie centered on kids or tweens, it floats or sinks with the charisma of the young actors. Here at least, there is nothing to fear. The three kids at the center are likable and funny, particularly when interacting with their mothers and grandmothers, emphasizing the particular dynamics in the Latino and African-American communities.

    The vampires are, in fact, rather incidental - the real…

  • Run



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Some thoughts on Run: / Algunas ideas sobre Run:

    -What if some of the ideas that jump out at us in that emotional extremism of adolescence, turn out to be true? What if indeed, Mom doesn't want us to ever leave the nest? What if indeed, they are willing to make us suffer, just to meet their selfish needs? What if they'd rather see us hurt? What if the core of the most important relationship is rotten?

    -Sarah Paulson is…

  • Worth



    Where does one begin to repair the irreparable? / ¿Por dónde se empieza a reparar lo irreparable?

    Oddly, it seems more like the kind of narrative that would only excite an actuary, a lawyer or an insurance agent. How to financially compensate the majority of 9/11 victims, without setting off a chain reaction that affects the airlines and the entire economy?

    The testimonies of the family members, the measured but convincing performances of Keaton and Tucci, generate more human interest.…