Paint Drying

Paint Drying

Hello everyone! I finally finished opening all of my presents at both of my parents' houses, and I'm really excited to share to all of you some notable gifts I got! I'm only going to go over film related gifts because while I did get non-film related stuff, I don't feel like listing every present I got since I got a TON, so I'll just list all of the gifts I got that have to do with films. Here they are:


The Story of Film
The Godfather Annotated Screenplay
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood novel
Stanley Kubrick Produces
The Wes Anderson Collection


Pulp Fiction Winston Wolf shirt
Magnolia shirt
Dune (2021) shirt
Stanley Kubrick shirt


The Royal Tenenbaums Criterion
Memories of Murder Criterion (my dad didn't realize I already owned this film, so he said that I could exchange it for a different Criterion)

Gift cards:

Amazon gift cards
Fandango gift card

There's all the film stuff I got for Christmas! Merry Christmas, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

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