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Idk how I rate films. Do you?

Favorite films

  • Interstellar
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Nayakan
  • 3-Iron

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  • Bell Bottom


  • That Thing Out There


  • Fish Tank

  • Amadeus


Recent reviews

  • That Thing Out There

    That Thing Out There


    This was one hell of a short! Probably my most favourite of yours Kavi. The tension withheld throughout was amazing and the monochromatic pallete was just perfect (I do have a thing for Black & White pictures).
    I love when a film is ambiguous, allowing the audience to be the writers of the rest of the part unanswered in it. And this might just be a perfect example for it. It surprised me multiple times within the 7 minutes. Half of it was in Tamil which was a pleasant surprise haha. Man keep it coming!

  • Monsoon Wedding

    Monsoon Wedding


    And happily ever after? I hope.

Popular reviews

  • The Father

    The Father


    Just when I thought Hopkins had done everything already in his long running career. I want this to win all the Oscars it got nominated for! Such a unique film, something I have never seen or experienced before. What I found the most amazing was the way it showed the concept of dementia through the eyes and mind of the lead who was suffering from it. Just brilliant!!!

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Possibly the most visually aesthetic film of 2021, my eyes cannot thank the cinematographer anymore! It was incredibly profound and far better than Lowery's A Ghost Story (not a fan at all). The writing was classical and it was not difficult to follow. I missed so many details which I'm expecting to realize when I revisit this film. The performances were subtle and I couldn't ask for a better score/songs for a medieval film such as this one. I expected this to be just good mainly because of the hype but it turned out to be great!