Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★★

Where have you been? You know that feeling when you watch something from the past and you get so mad at yourself for not having that piece of art in your life for longer. Yeah, that's the feeling. I mean, why would I watch something called Unmasked Part 25? I'm smart enough to know that there isn't (checking my notes) 24 other parts of this series. The concept is genius, especially for when it was made. This films predates Leslie Vernon of Behind the Mask (2006). You are the Friday The 13th sequel we've all needed. You were made the same year as Friday the 13th VII: A New Blood (1988), and you could have come in the place of Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) or even better you could have been in the place of Jason Goes To Hell (1993). So for those not in the know as I have been for too many years, we follow serial killer Jackson who wears a hockey goalie mask and kills promiscuous teens. We think, knockoff Jason, until he tells his backstory. Jackson went to America, was thought to have drowned at a summer camp, his mother was killed, and he lived off the land. He killed councilors and read the books they left behind. When it got to be too much for him he moved. I don't want to give away too much, but just be excited. The gore is great, but the execution of each kill leaves something to be desired. It really doesn't matter since the concept is everything. Think about that Michael Myers YouTube video where he learns to drive, but make it a feature with Jason who is having an existential crisis and you come close.