The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★½

Talking head pics really had a surge in the 90's and have never really gone away as so many screenwriters feel that any dialogue that they write is going to be the most clever, topical and pop-centric that you have ever heard. This is not true. Everyone, if asked, will say that they are attractive, intelligent and have a good sense of humor. We all know that is not true either, but filmmakers are no different than anyone else with regards to self evaluation. That being said, I can't think of a treatment of what is essentially a talking head pic that flows and remains as intriguing as Social Network does. It is a knack that Fincher has as well. Zodiac, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo even Fight Club are TALKY. There is a constant movement though that makes any necessary exposition seem as a seamless part of a whole. He(Fincher) also pulls incredibly naturalistic performances from his actors and has had quite a success rate with casting. This films continues that. The sound mix and score are among the best that I have ever heard. As visually well as this is put together, I could watch it with my eyes closed and love it. I made a comment to someone, about a half and hour ago, that Fincher makes films that, whether or not you love them at the first viewing, continue to grow on you and have endless layers that unveil themselves to you slowly with each successive viewing...Benjamin Button notwithstanding.

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