• Footloose



    My school is doing this show as the musical this year and opening night is tomorrow, so I had to see the film first.

    Needless to say, it was alright. Not bad but pretty forgettable.

    Edit: Alright I saw the show my school put on three times, and I appreciate this movie more now. I'm not going to forget about it.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Takes the time loop concept and makes an original and funny story. Andy Samberg is so great.

  • The Simpsons Movie

    The Simpsons Movie


    Since my first watch of this film last year, I've made my way through the first 4 seasons of The Simpsons as well as every Treehouse of Horror episode. Seeing those made be appreciate this film even more. One of the funniest animated films out there.

    Oh yeah, and what happened to the sequel Maggie promised during the credits? Hopefully one still comes out. A treehouse of horror movie would be really cool.

  • Saw



    Very cool and original. I love a good crime/mystery.

  • The Whale

    The Whale


    I have my issues with part the second half, but the emotional core of this film (especially in the first half and the third act) and the exceptional performances are so strong, making this easily the most heavy hitting film of last year for personal reasons and for the remarkable script with great execution from Aronofsky. Brendan deserved the Oscar, and as much as I love EEOAO, Hong Chau honestly gave a more impressive performance than Jamie Lee Curtis. I…

  • Annabelle



    As much as I enjoyed the first 2 Conjuring films, this franchise isn't for me at all. The extremely demonic and satanic aspects of these films makes me uncomfortable, and even though this film didn't really scare me, I feel the urge to sleep with a Bible because of how disgusting this film was. I would rather they were just about haunted houses or ghosts and not demons trying to possess you and give your soul to the devil. Just…

  • Chang Can Dunk

    Chang Can Dunk


    surprisingly relatable. it took a weird turn in the second half but got back on track in the end. feels exactly like a lower budget streaming movie but i don't think it was bad at all. i shockingly got really invested in the story... until it kind of lost me a bit after making chang just super unlikable in the back half. i get what disney was trying to do, but i think this would be better if the first half was stretched out a lot more.

  • Women Talking

    Women Talking


    It was fine but why did they make the color grading so distracting and ugly 😭😭

    Some really odd choices that held it back a bit but it wasn't bad at all. Personally I would choose other movies to nominate for best picture instead of this, but I'm not really mad about this getting nominated. Crossing my fingers for Everything Everywhere to win tomorrow 🤞

  • Creed II

    Creed II


    Now that's what I talking about

  • Creed



    The definition of a great legacy sequel. The main opponent was kind of lame and forgettable, but everything else was really great. Sylvester Stallone gave his career best performance.

  • Missing



    What a rollercoaster ride! Something about it felt a little but off but it was really good.

  • Rocky Balboa

    Rocky Balboa