• Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    This Disney film is one hundred percent Disney, that's the best description I can come up with.
    There are too many sidekicks, but they are still likeable. The moral of the story is overused, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. The visuals and worldbuilding are stunning, the story is too formulaic. The story is cheesy and also beautiful. So simply Disney.

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II


    After seeing and rating the film I kind of felt the need to apologise to my friends, who love this film and strongly recommended it to me, cause I liked the first "Evil Dead" too. But this was simply not my film. It was neither funny nor scary to me. So, I am sorry and not sorry.

  • Battleship Potemkin

    Battleship Potemkin


    It's amazing how effective an almost hundred-year-old film can still be today. A masterful combination of image, music and montage.

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    A great survival thriller that is also a sly, biting and funny-to-watch parody of America's political divide. Its social commentary is more intelligent than it is given credit for. The pointed exploitation film doesn't offer solutions or make a decisive statement, but uses the premise for entertaining fun with a clever ulterior motive. Gilpin also offers an entertaining character study of a slightly different young woman.

  • Out of Africa

    Out of Africa


    7 Oscars? For what? Best Cinematography, agreed. Best Original Score, accepted. Other than that, the film doesn't have much to offer. A much too slow told and uninteresting love story. By the end, I could barely remember if anything happened. The film seems like a glossy adaptation of a Rosamunde Pilcher novel, which is a shame because I was looking forward to this film due to Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. But all that is delivered is a shallow, interchangeable story for which the two actors are completely wasted. Had I known that, I would have preferred to watch a documentary about African nature.

  • Un Chien Andalou

    Un Chien Andalou


    Don't take this rating too serious. I don't know how to rate this film at all. French surrealism is a sealed book for me.

  • Head Full of Honey

    Head Full of Honey


    "Honig im Kopf" was a great success in Germany. Just another proof that the golden years of German film have been over since the early 1930s. A half-heartedly sentimental take on the difficult subject of dementia. The sets look like something out of an IKEA catalog, the young leading actress (and daughter of the producer and director) is talentless, the music is manipulative, the story is overconstructed. The only bright spot is Dieter Hallervorden. Schweiger is known for his conservative mainstream cinema, wanting his audience to leave the auditorium feeling good, forgoing more mature discussion.

  • The Blues Brothers

    The Blues Brothers


    I really can't tell what was missing from this film, why I didn't like it much. I usually like silly and over the top comedies and i like musical movies. So this movie would have been predestined for me. The musical numbers were good, but not as good as in other musical movies. Unfortunately the movie was hardly funny for me, i didn't care much about the story and the characters. Maybe my expectations were just too high because of the cult status of the movie.

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    I really wish the first half had been better. The music was inappropriate at times, the changes between locations and characters exhausting, there was too much pathos and too little substance. I didn't think I'd give it more than four stars. But the second half convinced me. The pathos turned into epicness and thrilled me into saying I want to see a sequel. The Snyder Cut doesn't make the mistakes of the theatrical version, makes a few new ones, but clearly remains the more satisfying version.

  • Coming 2 America

    Coming 2 America


    For me, this film clearly belongs in the category "sequels that nobody needs". But it still had its moments: Wesley Snipes, Morgan Freeman and some amusing callbacks. And of course Randy Watson! Unnecessary, but somehow entertaining.

  • Moulin Rouge!

    Moulin Rouge!


    Possibly the first film for which I would have liked a simple cheesy happy ending.

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    When the story of the villain and his son is more touching than the story of the protagonist...