The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★

This hit different after watching the sopranos 😳 

Ok ok before you unfollow me on everything, call me a fake cinephile and track down my house to kidnap my cats, let me clear - THIS IS STILL A GREAT MOVIE AND IT DESERVES EVERY 5/5 ITS EVER GOTTEN. Ok with that out of the way:

I rewatched this hoping it would become one of my favorites again, but to be honest I was barely even remotely invested up until a good 40 minutes in. The whole Johnny Fontaine shit I couldn’t care less for honestly. Even after the 40 minute mark - even if it becomes incredible then - there’s still moments and scenes I didn’t care for, and ultimately it was only the ending that actually got a strong emotional reaction out of me. Oh well, bummer. With the way my preferences have changed through the years, I think I’m gonna love Part II a lot more when I watch it again.

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