The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ★★★★

i love when the mcu gets grounded and takes a break from the cosmic/mystical side of things.
john walker absolutely stole the show. 
bucky’s arc was well done and the ending when he confessed was heartbreaking.
sam is an amazing captain america and does a fantastic job trying to find the good in people.
almost all the characters were solid.
his character really shines during the isaiah storyline.
i loved it.
also, the fighting choreography went crazy.

my complaint is about our main antagonist.
she has alright reasoning and does a good job at not giving a fuck about anything except the mission.
the problem is the writing. they wanted us to sympathize with her so bad to the point where even sam still defended her and said not to call them terrorists.
uh, bro…she killed numerous people, blow up important locations AND said lamar’s life didn’t matter. she has no remorse for what she does and never makes an effort to redeem any of her actions. the writers should’ve just committed to the villain instead of trying to get us to feel bad lol

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