She and Her Cat: Everything Flows

She and Her Cat: Everything Flows ★★★★★

i love cats and for some reason, i wanted to make myself cry. it’s hard to expect viewers to be invested in only four episodes with 7min runtimes, but wow it reeled me in. not sure if it’s because i’m a cat person or because i’m easily emotional when it comes to media.
either way it was a cute, wholesome story about Daru in the last days of his life who reflects on all the important things he remembers. really hits me hard because my oldest cat is 8 and while i know that’s not like super old, i still sometimes think about how that day is inevitable and i don’t think i’ll ever be prepared. so, i always push that thought back and try to make everyday count.

anyways, love this mini series.
cats deserve more representation in media.

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