Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 ★★★★½

haven’t seen this since it came out and honestly it was a lot better than i remember.
i love being reminded of why deadpool is one of my favorite marvel characters. definitely my top 3 marvel characters.
ryan IS deadpool. he works damn near perfect with anyone he shares the screen with.
his chemistry with brolin is hilarious and i hope we see him come back for the 3rd one.
however, one of my small nitpicks is how lazy the humor can be sometimes. i’m not a fan of the self-aware humor that points out the flaws in the script. that said, most of the jokes land overall, so i can look past it.
also just realized how they used the same soundtrack from logan’s death, for wade’s “death” lmao
never realized how op domino actually was lol i really hope they bring back zazie beetz for the next one and im not just saying this because i have a mad crush on her…!
anyways i can’t wait for deadpool 3. the fact that the TVA will be involved gets me even more excited tbh, especially with how wade went back and fucked with time so much in the end credits lmfao.

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