Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ★★★★★

my thoughts are always all over the place w these reviews, so ignore the structure!
words cannot begin to describe how much i love this movie. from the very beginning where shuri is in panic trying to save her brother and to the very end where she finally takes the time to grieve and move on. 
i really dig the take on talokan and namor was an incredible antagonist. you can’t even consider him much of a villain because he’s doing what any leader would do. at the end of the day, he takes care of his people. really like that we got to see both sides.
i can’t stress how amazing all the performances were. everyone brought it AND some.
this movie really sold me on shuri. 
she was phenomenal.
riri williams was so fun as well. i can’t wait for her series!
that final act was incredible too.
my theater cheered when shuri came down as the new black panther and everyone was feeling the emotion.
i love this damn movie.
it also felt less like a standard marvel movie, which i really like.

i could say more but its so disorganized lol
i can’t wait to see more in bp3 and wakanda in general.

long live the king, thank you for being our t’challa, chadwick.

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