Hereditary ★★★★★

I’ve seen this a few times before I had letterboxd. This would be my eighth time watching Hereditary. I first saw this amazing movie back with my friends in June 2018. The beginning gave everyone creepy vibes and from that one scene, everyone gasped in theaters. No one made a sound or a word till it was over. Even when it was over, we just sat for a little bit before anyone said anything or moved. Ari Aster is already one of my favorite directors even with just Hereditary and Midsommar. I cannot wait to see Ari’s 4 hour horror nightmare comedy. The Midsommar’s Director Cut is 2 hours and 51 minutes so an another hour wouldn’t hurt me a bit but maybe for some people. 

As for the performances, Toni Collete plays as a very messed up grieving woman due to a tragic event but also cause of her mother. She thought she was finally free but also at the same time she’s trapped in an elaborate plan by the demon himself in hell. Toni proved herself in The Sixth Sense, Hereditary, I’m Thinking of Ending Things and Knives Out. You may not have like Krampus but she was great in that movie as well. Alex Wolff also put on a tremendous performance. I knew I recognized him somewhere but didn’t know till after watching the movie that he’s from The Naked Brothers Band. I haven’t seen much about him in about 8-9 years. Seeing him in a serious role was spectacular cause he nailed it. Gabriel Byrne played as the father that doesn’t believe in his wife about Charlie’s ghost. Even he was in denial about what’s going on. He saw the glass move and what has happening to Annie and still didn’t believe it. Both in different perspectives were in denial and grieving as parents in their own personal hell. Charlie played by Milly Shapiro as the sister that was a victim. She was still young and innocent even while giving off creepy tensions that wasn’t even her fault but once again the grandmother’s fault. 

Each scene had a purpose to move the story forward or for one of the themes. Whether it was related to the cult, losing one part of the family tree. They never had control. The trick of this horror was that false presence of having any sense of control. Props to Aster for pulling off a nightmare dream sequence that actually terrified me, I usually hate those scenes but finally a great one. Not only did the final score gave us one of the scariest scenes ever but the score throughout gave me some kind of scary feeling or tensed up atmosphere that I myself am also trapped and can’t get out thanks to Colin Stetson. Pawel Pogorzelski as the cinematographer helped picture Hereditary with the great direction and flow. Everyone that chipped in the most nightmarish film my eyes ever laid on were part of this evil movie.

Hail, Paimon.

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