The Kid

The Kid ★★★★★

Charlie Chaplin's first feature-length theatrical is one of the greatest achievements of the silent era of filmmaking, for it paints one of the most heartfelt portrait of father-son relationship on the silver screen, presents the gifted artist at the prime of his creativity, and despite being nearly a century old classic, can still put most comedies of today to shame.

A comedy with a smile & perhaps a tear, The Kid tells the story of a tramp who after coming across an abandoned baby takes him under his care after which the film jumps five years in the span of which the grown child now works as his father's sidekick, helping his glazing business by breaking windows around the town. But an unfortunate set of events soon put their relationship into jeopardy.

Written, produced, directed, composed & edited by Charlie Chaplin himself, who also stars as his signature character, the film is clearly a one-man show yet there isn't a single aspect where Chaplin's work isn't impressive enough. Plus his remarkable ability to fuse comedy with elements of drama in a seamless manner not only makes this tale a roller-coaster ride of rib-tickling laughter but also an emotionally moving story.

The chemistry between Chaplin & Jackie Coogan, who plays the young kid, is absolutely spot-on plus their on-screen bonding feels wholly convincing. Technical aspects are full of little innovations, Cinematography crisply captures the unfolding events, Editing is tight for the most part but that dream sequence did feel a bit unnecessary. However, the wonderful background score beautifully enhances the whole experience.

On an overall scale, The Kid remains one of the most memorable, influential & greatest films of all time whose significance & contribution to the art of cinema cannot be downplayed. It has effortlessly managed to stand the test of time for what soon will be one whole century and thanks to its universal themes, will continue to do so for as long as cinema exists. Truly an unforgettable classic, definitely one of Chaplin's finest & certainly amongst my all time favourites, The Kid comes strongly recommended.

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