Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★½

An exquisitely crafted, gorgeously photographed & splendidly scripted adaptation of Roald Dahl's children novel of the same name, Fantastic Mr. Fox is an enjoyable, entertaining & endlessly exuberant delight for viewers of all ages, and employs its stop-motion animation in ways that only adds to its quirky flavour.

Co-written & directed by Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel & Isle of Dogs), the film retains the essence of the novel despite few modifications in the script and Anderson brings the fantasy world to life with sublime vibrancy & emotional precision. The images are rich & vivid like a finely stitched tapestry.

Art direction team makes sure that the set pieces & character designs are in sync with the source of inspiration. The radiant camerawork, warm colour tones & apt lighting further enrich the visuals. Editing leaves out what it can do without, and unfolds the plot at a breezy pace. And vocal inputs from the entire cast is spot-on.

Overall, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a smartly directed, brilliantly written & outstandingly animated example of its genre that definitely ranks amongst the director's finest works. If you loved the book, you're going to love this film. Anderson has treated the material with respect, plus the changes he made only end up contributing to its cinematic quality. Definitely worth a shot.

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