Fear ★½

First dud of the year for me. I went into this blind not knowing what to expect. What I got was a cheap imitation of It without the liability of the main cast or a memorable villain
This is all under the backdrop of a pandemic. The biggest issue that I had while watching other than constant jump cuts is the predictable narrative. Fear is not subtle about where it's going to progress and when everything plays out exactly as I thought it would, it just became a total bore. T.I. is surprisingly okay in here but no one else really stood out in the acting department. I am unsure if the film was trying to say that the COVID pandemic was overblown and that we shouldn't have feared it from the beginning. If it was, I may have to lower my score but as it is, it's a cheaply made imitation of It where the main cast's fears are used to harvest their souls. This isn't even worth watching at home since you'll forget you saw it not long after viewing.

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