The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans ★★★★½

Steven Spielberg attached his Oscar bait to the hook, cast his line, and I bit it so hard, but I’m not ashamed because The Fabelmans is incredible! There are all-around great performances here, but the highlights for me were Michelle Williams and Gabriel LaBelle. Very impressed with their work. There’s a particular scene between them that had me teary-eyed! 

I expected this movie to be a sole tribute to films, but it’s more than that! Yes, there is filmmaking and tributes to old Hollywood (which, of course, I ate up), but there’s also a story here about this family living through the 60s with their trials. I especially enjoyed the portion of the film that took place in Phoenix (no bias). I felt like when the movie moves to California, it sort of takes on the classic trope of “new home, new school, bullies, etc.” and it took me out of everything else that felt more original.

There are two movie theater scenes in this film, and I was happy to say I’ve seen both movies presented during those scenes. There are also plenty of movie posters, records, or mentions of movies that had me so excited. The final scene with… the mentor of sorts… is a great one, and it made the final shot both funny, memorable, and inspiring. But my favorite scene of the Fabelmans involved Sammy editing a reel and making a discovery that moves the plot along. I’m trying to be as vague as possible, but that scene was excellent. The editing, the music, the emotions, all of it came together! 

Very happy to call this my current favorite 2022 watch; it’ll be interesting to see if anything beats it in the next month!


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