Finch ★★★

Finch is an inoffensive, low-key sci-fi movie which has one man show of Tom Hanks. It's about a man who builds a robot to look after his dog after him. The problem with this film it's it doesn't really know what it wants to be. It doesn't have a problem underlying theme. Although the film had some charming moments. Loved the way the robot's interaction but it reminds me of Chappie too much. And the robot's voice feels irritating though. The film suffers from many plot holes. It sets the rules of that world and defies the rules in the next second.

Tom Hanks would never disappoint, his acting elevates the tone of the film. The visual effects are also surprisingly excellent. The robot's movements were realistic with the environment. A few scenes of Finch and his crew deflecting from the presence of people aren't convincing enough, especially a road-chase scene. Some routine shots of eating, drinking, driving, and repairing also appear repetitively, extending the run-time. But the climactic stretch is beautifully done - both from an emotional as well as a cinematic standpoint. Overall, still a good flick, but the movie's plot wasted a lot of its initial potential.


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