Dune ★★★★½

Anticipation is not merely a word to describe my longing for this film. Denis Villeneuve is one of my favourite filmmakers and he does know how to make the viewers awestruck with immersive visual driven cinematic experience. It's not perfect or grounded because we haven't yet apprehended towards the whole saga. Dune, once considered unfilmable, and two auteurs, Jodorowsky and Lynch even failed in the attempts. The world-building is just insanely meticulous and sophisticated. As I'm not familiar with books, I can say that the film encapsulates the theme even though it's incomplete.So, Villeneuve's must be appreciated at his attempt to make a difference.

Through Greig Fraser's cinematography, Dune gets even better into the visual storytelling. It's the key to the perfect lock of the narrative seems. The casting was perfect and did their job good. The complex role of Paul Atreides, as his transformation from a kid to a messiah is nerve cracking. Timothee Chalamet has done a goob job as Paul and he seems a perfect fit due to his young charm. Rebecca Ferguson made the character Lady Jessica a seemingly fitting choice. Oscar Issac as Duke Leto was compelling too. Every characters seem good and did their role good. Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Sharon Duncan-Brewster shine in their supporting roles while Stellan Skarsgard makes a spine-chilling antagonist.Josh Brolin's and Dave Bautista's characters had very limited screen time to make any impact and one can only hope that their character arcs are explored further in the upcoming sequel.

The suspenseful and aesthetically pleasing narrative has a strong screenplay as its backbone with the music by Hans Zimmer generating the goosebumps as well as a sense of awe and inspiration at the opportune moments. The visual side of this movie was staggering. This is a 100% movie going experience. Special effects looked as real as it gets. The two things that make this movie a classic of our time, the micro gestures and styling that stamp this movie as something brand new, the second is the masterful editing, we moved from inside Paul's head to Jessica's and back again. It's all gone in vain if the sequel does not happen. Please support this film in theatres. We need the sequel and the saga of Atreides must be completed.


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