Zodiac ★★★★★

David Fincher’s obsessive masterpiece!

As much as I love Fight Club, I’d say this is Fincher’s most important film, as it represents a significant turning point in his career. With Zodiac, he perfected the craft of digital filmmaking, and from there, elevated it to a level that no one else has come close to. Before Zodiac, Fincher was also regarded like an edgy teen who was given a high budget. Even though he revisited the serial killer story after Se7en, he adopted a more mature and composed approach towards material filled with perversions. Upon rewatch, I can definitely declare that Zodiac is better than Se7en, notwithstanding its comparative lack of popularity. Se7en is definitely a masterpiece, but it seeks to shock its audience through gratuity, while Zodiac focuses on character building and LOTS AND LOTS OF PROCEDURE! Yes, even bureaucracy looks captivating in this film! I should also note that Zodiac has better rewatchability value compared to Se7en, because you’re always waiting for the shocking climax reveal in Se7en, which tends to overshadow the rest of the film to an extent. Zodiac, however, is grounded while being constantly engaging. 

I seriously have to complete mindhunter. I’m in the first season, and it already feels like a series version of Zodiac.

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