Scream ★★★★

What keeps bringing me back to watching Wes Craven’s near perfect horror-classic Scream is it’s love of cinema and horror films in general. I think a lot of us here can feel the most seen by the character of Randy. A horror film buff played brilliantly by Jamie Kennedy. His lines and delivery offer the self-aware and film nerd heart of the film.

As for the rest of this slick, twisted and incredibly clever slasher flick, well I think I said it all there. This is a horror classic that I can happily watch yearly and enjoy it for its artistic merit and as popcorn entertainment. This is Wes Craven when he’s at his peak cinematic power. I loved how every word of that screenplay by Kevin Williamson was brought to life through Craven’s deadly serious smirk. 

Without this cast, though, I don’t think Craven would’ve had the success that he did. Neve Campbell, Rose McGowan, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, David Arquette and Courtney Cox are all exceptional; they’re all in sync with this film’s distinct tone and more than anything else, make you believe. 

Lastly, after reading this great essay via Film Daze by Veronica Phillips I was able to see Scream through a very different lens on this repeat viewing. The violent motivations of the character Stu (Lillard) which are rooted in misogyny and a desperate need for male approval are explored in this great piece. Definitely give this a read after watching the film (if you haven’t seen it yet)!

Watched via my personal DVD.

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