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I’ve finally seen Alfonso Cuarón’s much acclaimed 2018 film Roma and what can I say, I am an emotional wreck right now. What an amazing film, it deserves every praise it gets. I’m not very prone to tears when I watch films but Roma wetted my eyes. This a very personal and intimate film to Cuarón and you can definitely tell by watching it. Every single camera shot/scene is crafted with such an emotional depth and dedication. It is fantastic, overwhelming and truly magical. Now imagine this film on the big screen (I’m kind of annoyed right now that I didn’t go and see this at the cinema). A rather simple and consistent story told with love and dedication. Is there anything more you need for a great film? I don’t think so. The beautiful black and white also worked perfectly in my opinion.

Yalitza Aparicio is a pleasure to watch, her performance is so calm and gentle, she was perfectly cast for this role as Cleo. In general, the casting directors did a perfect job. No performance felt out of place. Everything felt consistent and coherent. I actually don’t want to talk about the story here because I just think everyone who hasn’t seen this film should definitely see it and experience the story for themselves. I just want to say that I personally really liked it.

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