Zodiac ★★★★½

I feel like this is David Fincher's most personal work.

It's odd to say that about a period piece on an unsolved serial killer case, but it finally allowed the world's most obsessive director since Kubrick so make a movie about obsession.

The film chooses what pathway to follow not based on the outcome of the story, but based on what the police/reporters think is important. For instance, the fake Zodiac Killer calling into the police station is directed with as much intensity as the interview with the an alleged Zodiac Killer Arthur Leigh Allen. You begin to get obsessed with the characters.

Additionally, it captures the paranoia of the city during an event like this. It was interesting watching this with my dad (who grew up in the Bay Area) not only because he recognized the billboards and street recreations, but also he remembered obsessively locking the doors and drawing blinds while the Zodiac Killer was still active.

I can't even begin to touch how layered and detailed this film is but Fincher is very in his element and it's a pleasure to experience.


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