Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice ★★★★★

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Pride & Prejudice is breathtaking, a true masterful adaptation of a literary classic. Keira Knightley absolutely SLAYS as Ms. Bennett. She is charming yet powerful, and always in command of every scene she is in.

I've always been a romantic, and so I'm a sucker for a steamy story like this one. It's incredible how tense and captivating it can be with no sex or even kiss scenes. Their relationship exists mostly in glances and snippy comments until they truly have it out.

. . .

I had a longtime friend of mine, Chloe Sales on to discuss this movie. I hope you all enjoy the episode. We talk about casting what-ifs, Mr. Darcy's eyesite and my recent encounter with Elon Musk. Thank you all for supporting the show, I'm nearing 250 subscribers!!

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