Scream ★★★★

There's a formula to it. A very simple formula! EVERYBODY'S A SUSPECT!

One of my favorite horror movies of all time.
Scream it's a wonderful teenage slasher that also manages to be an awesome parody and commentary on the genre in a way that only Wes Craven could do it. It succumbs to the entertaining clichés... but with self-awareness, it comments and makes fun of them and at some points defy them.
This movie has the most interesting openings, that it's not only engaging and sets the tone perfectly, but also subverts expectations on what you think it's going to be.
The story has very colourful characters and a strong female lead that should be more talked about in my opinion. The camera work that makes you be on Ghostface pov or make you feel uneasy, as if you are the stalker or constantly being watched. It's also amazing how many suspects the movie manages to show to throw the audience for a loop... and it still makes sense every single time.
The big reveal is incredible. While I still find some of the motives uninteresting... I think that's kind of the point. That whole segment of the movie... the twists, the villian speech, the final showdown, it's just a perfect segment.
I have personally never connected with Sidney's mom backstory... I understand why it's there, it serves a purpuse, but I always found it to be a bit dull.

In conclusion: It's thrilling, it's funny, it deserves the cult status it has on the horror genre. If you haven't seen Scream... what are you doing with your life?

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