The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

This is one of those films that I'm not going to stop thinking about and will watch again amd again. Matt reeves did a terrific job here, as did everyone, but the world building of Gotham city, its lived in, shadowy,busy gritty, rain drenched style was gorgeous and fantastic. The story was briliant and wasn't focused on action, even though there's some great fight scenes and a awesome car chase.
I loved the direction that the film went in going more in the direction of the comics and becoming a noir, detective mystery film. It felt like david finchers seven and zodiac. The opening scene was creepy, the finale felt like a disaster film. The casting was spot on. Robert Pattinson giving a smart, determined, dark batman amd an emotional batman. He was more batman then Bruce wayne which was different and there was a lot of screen time with him and Gordon. Paul Dano was scary and made the riddler terrifying. The score from Michael giacchino was theatrical, energetic and exciting, especially when the batman theme kicked in. This is a film I would watch again and probably will say its my film of the year, its a bit early to say but it made an impression on me. Jaw droppingly briliant.

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