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  • Suburban Gothic

    Suburban Gothic


    A quirky horror comedy that has a cult indie weird feeling with more emphasis on the comedy. Matthew grey gubler and Kat dennings were ok as leads and had a dry sarcastic sense of humour. Ray wise was very good here as a grouchy dad. It's a bit cheap looking and the low budget is noticeable but I laughed throughout. Not brilliant but watchable. The scenes with the toenails and teeth were gross even though the toenails were cgi but…

  • Shoplifters of the World

    Shoplifters of the World


    I liked this film more then a lot of other people who have seen this film. I thought it was a film with a lot of heart and soul and it captured what music means to people and particularly how important it is when you're young. I love the Smith's so the soundtrack was phenomenal.the cast were ok. Joe mangaliano was the standout as the radio DJ. Not a perfect film but a good nice film to chill to.

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  • Luca



    I dont get some of the negative reviews for Luca. I thought this was wonderful. An emotionally uplifting, and thematically deep and strong. This was a engaging and simple story about friendship and individuality that had that all the ingredients of a Pixar film and made me care about the characters. I cried a little and loved the final act. It felt a bit like a studio ghibli film and an european arthouse film. Ut was technically beautiful and the…

  • New Nightmare

    New Nightmare


    One of the best nightmare on elm street sequels which is a big achievement considering it's the seventh film in the series. I like the direction this went in, it was different, it was surprising, it was more serious but had some silly moments. It was very meta and forth wall breaking. The themes are very interesting concerning horror films.The cast were brilliant and they made freddy scary again. I love the build up of the film, how it starts…