Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★½

I took issue with Thunder Force's premise from minute one. The film explains that in the late 80s, some kind of outer space radiation rays affected only the sociopathic humans (known as Miscreants) on Earth, giving them superhuman abilities.

I can understand and work with that premise. My issue is that the film takes place 30 YEARS after these sociopaths get superpowers! Society wouldn't see postponed baseball games and a slight decline in dine-in restaurants like how it's depicted in the film. There would be no society, only chaos.

The 1.5 stars go to Jason Bateman's The Crab. He hammed up his performance to 11 and got a good laugh out of me every time he was on screen. I'd honestly pay money to see a movie about his origin story and the skinning dipping adventure from hell.

Also, Bobby Canavale would make a great Andrew Cuomo (New York's governor) if Hollywood ever wanted to do a biopic.

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