Avengers: Endgame ★★

Eh. I was hyped, but this felt like someone gave me a bow, but without the actual gift. It wraps everything up, but there are maybe 3 genuinely emotive scenes in this three hour movie. THREE HOURS, and only like three scenes engaged me. Its fine. Its got mediocre cinematography, with alright action and the time passed without dragging, but the film never lets it be serious. Theres just constant quips and no memorable dialogue.

Whenever I give the slightest criticism to this film, people always jump to it's defence saying "but it's a Disney movie". SO WHAT. Just cos Disney made it doesn't mean we need to judge it any differently from another film. "But they have an agenda, they won't allow a film to be made that has a single scene that takes itself seriously" SO FUCKING WHAT. Stop defending this giant corporations agenda.

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