Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

rewatched this and i just NEED to talk about something that pissed me off about this film so
spoilers ahead‼️
okay so do we REALLY blame the mandarin for thinking his wife was behind that gate? i 100% do NOT blame him for being stubborn about it and here’s why: shang-chi, his aunt, and his sister ALL knew that the soul destroyer or whatever tricked mandarin by putting his wife’s voice in his head. shang-chi did HORRIBLE at communicating with mandarin. instead of constantly saying “she’s not in there, dad. she’s not in there.” shang-chi NEVER told mandarin that that voice in his head was actually the monster behind the gate trying to trick him into opening it. NOT ONCE WAS MANDARIN TOLD THAT. the ONLY reason why mandarin thought his wife was behind that gate was BECAUSE of that voice in his head. and i don’t know about you but if i constantly heard my wife’s fucking voice telling me she’s trapped behind a gate and there’s someone telling me she’s not in there but giving 0 explanation as to WHY she’s not in there THEN I WILL STILL THINK SHE’S BEHIND THAT FUCKING GATE! if i was mandarin i would literally feel GASLIGHTED because he literally HEARD HER VOICE IN HIS HEAD and NO ONE told him WHY that voice wasn’t real. and then mandarin FUCKING DIES AFTER BASICALLY BEING GASLIGHTED ??? ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEE okay i’m done i just couldn’t stop thinking about how if shang-chi communicated with his dad better he could’ve saved so many lives. good movie tho

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