Enter the Void

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This review may contain spoilers.

Oh, that crazy Gaspar Noé and his wild perspective! I like that Noé is a filmmaker who is interested in perspectives and shows us different perspectives in his films. His visual style is interesting; however, he has one big problem: lack of restraint. He doesn't know when to stop. His lack of restraint often leaves me laughing at his work.

I enjoyed Enter the Void up to the last 40 minutes, which is when Noé lost restraint. The last 5 minutes of the film had me laughing because it was so dumb. A shot of a penis in a vagina from inside the vagina. I mean, really?

The film would have been better if the story had been a fake-out. It should have ended with Oscar coming out of a DMT trip and saying, "I thought I died."

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