Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★½

I had major issues with parts of the book, and the movie unfortunately does not fix them. However, where the adaptation seems to go wrong the most often is not translating certain elements from the book that felt crucial to the overall story. There is a real urgency in the opening act of the movie, like it wants to get to the Daisy Edgar-Jones love triangle as quickly as it can. But in doing so, it breezes past a lot of the groundwork that the novel lays in order to make certain scenes and reveals more impactful later. So unfortunately in the movie those things eventually come and go, and barely register a shrug.

However, Edgar-Jones once again puts in a solid performance. She has a real coiled physical appearance, and it almost pains her to relax even though she knows she should. The movie also does do a fairly good job of showcasing why the marsh is so important to her, and why she is desperate to stay. I did wish things felt more lived in though. Too many sets felt exactly like that, and not the home that is described in the book.

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