Pig ★★★½

We are back! Local theatre re-opened tonight, and this was the only movie I hadn't seen already that was playing, so complete no brainer to check this out.

An extremely soft and tender look a loneliness, and companionship. Cage's character is very quiet, but that really leads to the few moments where he does say or do something having a much greater impact. It is a reminder that despite all the garbage he may do, he's still got it when given the right script, character, and director. For a debut movie it definitely left me intrigued about where Sarnoski will go next. Some of the story is left purposefully unanswered, and I think it's all the better for those untied threads. He does take Pig down some weirder paths, but they all worked.

As an aside, for any hockey fans out there. Seattle is about to get their own professional team, and in doing so will poach one player from my favourite team, so when the city of Seattle caught a stray shot in Pig I was extra delighted. I'm not sure if that factored into the star rating, but I'm not saying it didn't.

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