First Cow

First Cow ★★★★

An emotionally gentle look at the American dream, friendship, and human connection in a time and place that probably didn't put much stock in these things. Definite shades of Meek's Cutoff especially in the early going, but I just love the way Reichardt captures the texture of history. She really can transport you back in time with just a couple costumes. Her simplistic style works perfectly, as you get the feeling that she may have actually stumbled into a functioning village and just let the camera role to capture the people. It does start slowly, and probably doesn't really find it's feet until about 25 minutes in, but once it gets going I was hooked. I thought both John Magaro and Orion Lee were wonderful, and their friendship is so tender. Each character bringing their own talents to this business venture. Also outstanding in her field was Evie the Cow!

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