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Top 4 are films I’ve been thinking about lately

Favorite films

  • The Book of Life
  • Pitch Perfect
  • My Brother Jordan
  • The Breakfast Club

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  • The Book of Life


  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes


  • Click

  • Despicable Me


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  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso


    All Time Favourites

    A film not only about loving movies, but simply about love. About remembering it, cherishing it, pursuing it, abandoning it, forgetting it and retrieving it. Oozing with affection and delight, it is a wonderful memoir to nostalgia and childhood. Containing one of the greatest scores and endings of all time, it is, quite simply, one of the greatest films, ever made.

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    All-Time Favourites

    I have previously written four reviews on this film, and even though I have tried to fully express myself through thousands of words and dozens of paragraphs, I hate all of them, simply because none of them, no matter the phrases I uses, no matter the stories I tell nor meanings I discuss, no amount of words will ever adequately describe how much I love this film.

    I’ve watched it in every imaginable emotional state, and I always…

Recent reviews

  • The Book of Life

    The Book of Life


    Words can’t describe the emotions I feel when Maria says “Manolo” on the bridge whilst he seranades her with “can’t help falling in love.” 

    It has been 9 years since this was released and I fear one of the most innovative animation projects of our time is becoming forgotten.

  • Click


    I just can’t believe this film exists. It is a tonal disaster, so awfully unfunny and cringeworthy, yet it is quite emotional and strangely impactful?? 
    I hate it but in an affectionate way x

Popular reviews

  • No Hard Feelings

    No Hard Feelings


    Shoutout to the 75 year old couple in the cinema that were cackling at every single joke while holding hands, cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Barbie




    Everyone saying ‘I’m just like Ken,’ naw, I’m more like Allan. I am super nice and respect women so much but I’m just like the ugliest guy ever and no girls like me. Ugh🙄