The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

i listened to the commentary - usually when i listen to ffc’s commentary, i end up turning the commentary off and watching the film instead.  not that i don’t appreciate ffc’s insight, but that his films (certainly the great ones) always pull me back in.

tbh, i don’t remember anymore if i ever finished the commentary prior to today.  a lot of the anecdotes that ffc noted were familiar to me…but then again, he does tend to repeat himself interview after interview.  which is natural, if you think about it - it’s not like you’re gonna tell a story differently with each journalist you encounter.

anyway, let me reiterate - this is the third greatest film ever made, and the greatest screenplay ever written.  every scene - every scene - is amazing and integral to the film.  there is not a wasted second.  it’s all killer, no filler.

ffc is the greatest living director, and we’re lucky for the films he’s made.  let’s hope we get to one day see megalopolis and his vision of live cinema.

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