The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

listened to a rewatchables podcast episode 

bill simmons calls this the greatest film ever.  i have it ranked third, behind 2001 and apocalypse now.  but of these three films, this has the best screenplay.  so, this has never occurred to me, but this is the greatest screenplay EVER written.  EVER.

i think the last time i thought about it, i said kubz is the greatest director ever, rivaled only by ffc.  but at their prime, ffc is unrivaled:  nobody dominated the 70s quite like ffcc- godfather, godfather 2, the conversation, and apocalypse now.  that's two oscar best pics (not that i give a d*amn about the oscars) and two palme d'ors (the real award that matters (although technically the conversation isn't a palme d'or winner, since cannes changed the name of the top prize that particular year, but same difference)).  not many people can have that kind of run.

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