Blue Gate Crossing

Blue Gate Crossing

need a favor from everyone!  

sight and sound’s decennial lists are coming soon (perhaps as early as next week), so i thought it would be cool if people sent me their top 10 films of all time!  i want to compile them and, if possible, make a top 10 list from all my LB fam.

there are no wrong answers!  any 10 that you think are the best ever will do!  preferably ranked!  but only 10 -  i hate having long lists, because 1) the longer a list becomes (for this kind of exercise), the more it cheapens the list; and 2) there is a historical coolness with only having 10.

PLEASE comment below with your 10 greatest films ever (or if you really reallu really prefer, just dm me). before the end of the weekend so i can hopefully put the list together before monday (before sight and sound, if, as i suspect, they will release it some time in august)

i used blue gate crossing to make this request to show you just how important this favor is to me, and also, because i know this film will be on all of your lists, anyway 😉. hope to hear from everyone before monday!!!!


-the results are in!  and the greatest film of all time is....

-also available:  the inaugural people's film survey complete results

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