Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★½

Still don’t really love a Spike Lee joint (although I have fond memories of watching Mo Better Blues when I was young). 

It’s just that the narrative significantly falters after the intense, moving, and emotional opening. I thought I was going to love the film because of how amazing these first couple minutes were (whenever I see that Kent State photo it seems to always bring me to tears). The state of Vietnam War era America is so, so, so interesting to me that seeing these images and hearing these words was amazing. 

I think I’d like 4 Little Girls a lot and am hoping to watch that soon. Spike Lee’s documentarian skills seem to be a lot better than his storytelling ones, as obvious in this, BlackkKlansman, and She’s Gotta Have It. 

I will say, tho, that Chadwick Boseman is good in this. Oh, and the editing was pretty bad in a couple spots and the ending should’ve hit way harder.

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