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  • Monster



    From the opening the script is different from other movies in this genre. Clearly made with love, love for creation, love for movies, love for futures, all the technical aspects fit right in with this narrative and theme. The score, cinematography, and direction adapting with the growing anxiety or the serene when Harmon is in the zone. The script is very poetic, precise with every word, a sense that each passing moment brings with it a looming end, so every…

  • The Boy from Medellín

    The Boy from Medellín


    What starts out in a vacuum for a conflicted J Balvin, who wanted the spotlight but didn’t see the responsibility coming on the other side, morphs into an artist discovering the power of music and art as an escape from the stresses of a world when he finds influence from his fans. Fitting this was released along with the resurgence of protests in Colombia.
    From a technical perspective this is a well-made documentary with an enjoyable balance of story, concert footage, and introspection.

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  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse


    Betrayal, revenge, intrigue, long gun battles, gas masks. The hand to hand combat and standoffs were well done, but it’s your expected Tom Clancy story albeit with better than expected cinematography meant for the theater experience. Michael B. Jordan keeps this one afloat though, and honestly I’d watch another one of these in the future.

  • The Half of It

    The Half of It


    A surprisingly heartwarming story of a group of high school kids trying to figure out what the next step of their life holds. 

    There’s some convenient looking the other way by the adults that make this live in an alternate dimension, but it works. Leah Lewis gives us a grounded glimpse into the life of someone penned in to a life where they don’t feel at home, while simultaneously helping others hide their own selves.

    The theme of trusting your…