I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★

“Don’t get fooled by old people.”

If you think hard enough, there's really nothing special about this except be gay & do crime. Seeing the cast, my expectations were through the roof. How can a film with Dianne West & Rosamund Pike ever be bad? And "I Care A Lot" really took my words and ran with it. Easier put, it had such a promising beginning but eventually loses itself and gives such an underwhelming impression. In the end, one is left wondering, WHAT WAS THE FILM'S MESSAGE? Director of "The 5th Wave" J Blakeson, confirmed that this film was supposed to be seen and felt as a comedy. Guess who's not laughing? Paid media outlets writing about this being the best dark comedy that they've seen in a good while makes me want to jump out of a building. Netflix is just milking this type of genre and it's disappointing. It felt as if the writers solely wanted to deliver an impact without the substance. Which includes: a sapphic feminist girl-boss protagonist/antagonist. I mean, #GirlPower I guess. The plot holes are every thing but subtle. Imagine writing about a threatening Russian Mafia trope who protects the "boss" but ultimatey fails in every aspect of what makes a Russian Mafia trope. Not only did they fail to kill the main character! But one is expected to believe that Marla the con artist successfully beats a group of gangsters using a bunch of tazers. Maybe this would've worked better if it was a Sci-Fi, maybe then I could look pass at all of the unrealistic rubbish that I have just witnessed.

Pros: A suprise Peter Dinklage arse in the third half, Chris Messina's existence & Fran's hair. Besides all of that,

I really couldn't care less.