The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Norse mythology has always interested me. Actually, mythology in general has always been extremely fascinating. Folklore, myths, legends, all that. But yet, I feel like I haven’t read into mythology as much as I would’ve liked to. But I should really change that.  

Anyways, that’s one of the main reasons why I was so excited for this movie. An age old myth brought to life on the big screen? In the hands of someone like Robert Eggers? I am honestly surprised this actually exists. But I am not complaining. At all. 

While it didn’t really hit as hard as The Witch or The Lighthouse, it’s still pretty great. My main problem was that, unlike the aforementioned movies, this didn’t really need to be as slow as it was. It would’ve been a lot more satisfying if it moved a bit quicker but it wasn’t entirely a dealbreaker. The other nitpick is that some of the actors are kinda wasted. As always, it could’ve definitely used more Willem Dafoe and I’m glad Anya got some time to shine too. But once again, not really a dealbreaker. 

But pacing aside, everything else is almost perfect. Amleth’s quest for vengeance is throughly compelling and the journey he goes on was a lot “weirder” than I was expecting. I’ve seen much “weirder” of course but those scenes were honestly some of the best parts of the movie. The action as well was simply breathtaking. I know the action isn’t really the point of this but I do wish there was more of it. The cinematography, as with his other movies, is stunning and I especially liked the way the the final battle looked.

The acting, sound effects, costumes, and production design were also incredible and it’s obvious that lots of care went into making everything as accurate as possible. This honestly felt more like an epic fantasy movie as opposed to a historical drama at times and it’s definitely worth watching in theaters. 

It physically pains me that this movie probably won’t do so well financially because more movies of this type need to exist. I’d kill to see Eggers make something based off Arthurian Legend but I’ll be looking forward to whatever he does next.

But for now, I guess I’ll just have to stick to words on paper and pray this doesn’t flop.

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