Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★½

Ah yes, back when Kevin made fun movies and let his directors do what they wanted. 

I haven’t seen either of these movies in a while and after watching Multiverse of Madness, I had the urge to see how they held up. 

The answer? Extremely well. 

My opinion on these hasn’t changed much at all and I still love em both. 

The first one is still pretty much perfect to me and the only problem is that Ronan isn’t the most interesting villain. He’s a cool character but he’s kinda generic. Everything else is great and I think it’s my favorite MCU movie as of right now (still gotta rewatch a couple others to be sure). 

As for this one, it also held up nicely. Personally, I’ve never preferred it over the first but it’s still a great sequel. I don’t understand why people that love the first one say this one’s bad when it’s just…more Guardians of the Galaxy. The first problem I have with this one is that some of the humor really misses. I had the same problem with Peacemaker and while James Gunn doesn’t really make bad movies, the only thing I don’t like about his style is that he prolongs certain jokes. I know humor is very subjective but that’s just something a bit hard to overlook. The “overstuffed” side of things is a nitpick because I don’t really think this movie’s doing too much. Maybe the ravager subplot could’ve been cut out but I didn’t mind it much since it comes together by the end. 

But yeah, everything else is great. The humor that does work lands pretty well, Ego is a more interesting villain, everyone gets more development, the tone is slightly darker, there’s fun action, and it’s nicely shot. 

It felt nice to rewatch these and I really hope that Guardians 3 doesn’t get ruined by the current state of the universe.

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