Scream ★★★½

Finally getting around to watching these films so I can I see the new one in theaters.

this movie was so embraced into the culture that even though it was my first time sitting down to watch it in full it still felt like a movie I had seen many times before, I knew the eventual twist but it didn’t take away any of the enjoyment if anything it added to the experience. The cast here is awesome it’s a 90s teen dream and watching them all just interact and go to school was very Aesthetically pleasing and even comforting to watch. The main Stand out for me is Mathew Lillard’s performance it’s so fun and over the top but still is creepy at points. It’s shocking to me that he didn’t go on to have a huge career other than the scooby franchise. Really feels like his talents as a young performer were wasted, not sure if that’s bad management or more on the industry itself but it’s a shame regardless. really fun film excited for the next one! 

also was that liev schreiber????

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