Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★★★

Peak film noir, superbly written and directed by Billy Wilder (co-written with Raymond Chandler), and one of the few instances in which the flashback structure, that so often feels detrimental, truly works. And Barbara Stanwyck takes the gift of a character that is certainly one of the most memorable the genre ever created, and runs with it. This also happnes to be one of the rare cases in which I like the German title of a film better than the original title: It is called Frau ohne Gewissen here, which translates as Woman Without a Conscience, and it makes clear this film is about the femme fatale at its center, who finds it so easy to wrap men around her little finger without giving it a second thought.

Also, on the sidelines, there is Edward G. Robinson and his little man, giving the film in equal measures a heart and a moral center, and even some comic relief.


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